Tuesday, June 28, 2011

April 1 - No foolin

If April 1 means more to you than playing tricks on your kids and jumping when they tell you there is a huge spider on your back, you know it also means giving notice to the other parent of when you plan to pick up/return the children for your 30 day summer possession period. (For those living more than 100 miles away, it is 42 days.)
If you remembered, you can choose to begin the summer by picking up the kidlings the day school lets out and keep them, feed them, entertain them and otherwise be the go-to parent for all stomach aches, ear aches, splinters etc. that you may miss out on otherwise. Or, you can break up your 30 days into two separate periods of at least seven consecutive days and take a break in between to re-fill the fridge, return all the movies, games and library books before the offspring return and repeat.
If April 1st got away from you, and the other parent likes to play by the book, your extended summer possession begins July 1 thru July 31. Better luck next year. Those smart phones have a great option when entering calendar reminders - select the "yearly" reminder and you will at least have a moment between pranks to send a quick text, email or fax about being first up with the munchkins next summer. Happy calendaring.