Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Simply put - it works! If your case settles (and the vast majority do) it saves you thousands of dollars. Mediation offers you the opportunity to talk through differences with a mediator who is often an experienced family law attorney.  The mediator listens to both sides and then begins to work on narrowing down the contested issues.  The parties generally go to different rooms and speak freely about the problems and obstacles.  The mediator will not reveal what is said unless given specific permission.  The ultimate goal is to give the parties one last chance to come to an agreement by participating in reaching a solution to their specific issues.  

The process is emotional and sometimes looks like it is not going to work. The mediator uses his/her skills and experience to get the parties moving toward resolution of the issues rather than face an unknown judge who will issue orders no one likes or wants.

Mediation can take a couple of hours, half a day, all day and then some are marathons and go on for hours and hours.  The mediator keeps working as long as he/she sees progress.  That may mean letting the parties cool off for a bit.  When it works, the parties sign off on a binding agreement and walk out knowing the fight is over.  There may still be some bumps in the road getting used to the other party as a former spouse, but it generally is a great weight off of your shoulders signing off on the agreement.

Consider mediation.  Get your lawyer to set it up or get an order requiring the other side to show up and mediate in good faith.  It is a great way to get your case off the litigation track and get you moving toward the next phase of your life.  Click here for additional  FAQs regarding mediation.

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