Saturday, July 6, 2013

The dying Hybiscus

South Texas is rough on flowering plants.  My spring pilgrimage to the nursery results in a payload of beautiful robust flowering plants for our front yard.  I take pictures, water, apply Miracle Grow and then watch as they wither and die in the Texas sun.  By the middle of July, it is a wasteland of parched grass and
dust. I am particularly attached to the hybiscus plant this year.  The large lush flowers, dark  green leaves are a joy to see every morning.   The plant thrived until a business trip took me away for 10 days.  My college kids were home and admitted to watering it once. Upon my return I was horrified to see curled brown leaves and dead bulbs on the ground.  Before unloading luggage, I grabbed the hose and began resuscitation efforts.   For a week I pulled off the dead and dying and hoped for the best.

"As is the gardener so is the garden" echoed in my head.  With attention, food and stability - the buds began appearing.  The leaves are sprouting and one day soon I will see the lush orange-red beauties again.  Close call - but it is only early July.  The flowers make me smile.  The buds bring me hope.  I admit - I am attached and invested in its success.  Its me and the hybiscus this summer - and both are going to thrive.   For more information on this beautiful plant, click here.   Happy watering.

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