Friday, July 26, 2013

Need Divorce - No Money

It is common for the party without access to money, a job or at home with the children to feel isolated and powerless.  Hiring a lawyer is expensive. Knowing you need a lawyer but don't have the money is frustrating and frightening. Family lawyers recognize the desperation in a person's voice when their story unfolds and they describe lots of problems, fears and no access to money.   When I get a call like this in my practice, I walk the caller through different scenarios to see what options they may have available.   

Many counties provide resources like LegalAid or a Community Justice Program. These programs provide attorneys who either work for the agency or who volunteer their time to help those in need.  Most attorneys take cases on a pro bono (without charge) basis and the challenge is to find one who has time to devote to your case.  If you qualify for a program such as Legal Aid, you go through an application process and if accepted, you may be placed on a waiting list before you get an attorney assigned to you. Call your local county bar association and ask what is available for people who need an attorney but can not afford to pay.  

If you hit a dead end, call every family lawyer in your city or surrounding cities until one agrees to take your case.  That attorney may ask the court to order the other party to pay your attorney's fees. If an attorney agrees to take your case at no cost, be respectful of his/her time, ask whether emailing is acceptable to ask questions and promptly respond to whatever the attorney needs from you to move your case along. Also, find a support group or a counselor to help you get through this very emotionally challenging time. 

I am family law attorney with a solo practice in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.    

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